Eliezer Niborski

Born in Buenos Aires to a secular Yiddish speaking family and grew up in Paris, where he entered the Yiddish cultural circles linked to the Medem Library.

Alongside higher studies in mathematics, he started teaching Yiddish in his youth and participated in various Yiddish lexicographical and bibliographical projects.

He has taught Yiddish in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Vilna, Baltimore and New York and is currently involved in the preparation of a new Yiddish־Hebrew dictionary.

   Dr. Miriam Trinh

Born in Poland and grew up in Germany.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Yiddish at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, obtained her Master’s degree in Yiddish literature at the Universities of Paris-Sorbonne and Strasbourg (France), her Ph.D. at the Hebrew University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She has taught Yiddish language and literature since 1999, in Paris, Oxford, Strassbourg, Vilna, New York, Baltimore, Tel Aviv and is currently teaching Yiddish at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.